Starlinger C-VAC Module

Recycling and compounding in a single process step.

Compounds are used in many areas of the plastics processing industry – from injection moulding to film and sheet production. The C-VAC module from Starlinger recycling technology now makes it possible for plastics recyclers to break into new markets in this field, states the Austrian manufacturer. Waste from film, injection moulding and fibre production as well as post-consumer waste can be upgraded to reinforced or filled plastics in the course of the recycling process, thus achieving a greater added value.

Single-screw extruder

Compounding is usually done in a separate step following recycling. The C-VAC module, however, makes it possible to recycle and compound in one process step. In addition to the dosing of various additives, filling and reinforcement materials such as calcium carbonate, talcum or glass fibres can be added in the desired quantities. After the ground and optionally preheated material has been melted in the main extruder, compounding takes place in the degassing extruder after melt filtration. Since, this extruder functions independently of the main extruder, screw design and speed can be selected as needed in order to achieve “perfect compounding results”. Depending on the properties of the material being added – powders, for example, require a certain screw length for optimum dispersion – dosing can be done before intake into the extruder.

Unlike conventional com­­pounding extruders, the C-VAC extruder uses a single screw. This is especially relevant in fiberglass compounds because it reduces fibre breakage during compounding to a minimum, resulting in greater strength in the items subsequently being produced from the compound. Output quantities range, depending on the size of the line, from 150 to 2,700 kilogramme per hour. The separate C-VAC module can be integrated into any existing Starlinger recycling line, opening up to recyclers the vast potential for secondary materials in the field of compounds.

About Starlinger recycling technology

Starlinger recycling technology is a division of Starlinger & Co GmbH, a market leader in the field of machinery and complete lines for woven plastic packaging production. For more than 25 years Starlinger recycling technology has been providing machinery solutions for the recycling and refining of a wide scope of plastics such as PE, PP, PA, PS, BOPP and PET. Starlinger PET recycling systems produce food-safe rPET and are approved for use in food applications by many brand owners as well as various national and international authorities. The worldwide sales and service support network and technical consulting service help customers to achieve optimum results in the manufacturing process.

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Starlinger recoSTAR universal with C-VAC module – Photo: Starlinger & Co. Gesellschaft m.b.H.