Rapid Pro-Sense: Plastic-Processing Machines Meet S+S Metal Separators

Magnet and metal separators prevent machine downtimes and thus increase efficiency in plastics production and processing.

At the Fakuma 2014 from 14 to 18 October in Friedrichs­hafen, S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH in hall B1, booth 1302, presents metal separators and magnet systems that prevent damage and increase efficiency in the plastics industry (production and processing). S+S demonstrates metal separators for all types of conveying: systems of the Protector range for direct installation on the material inlet of injection-moulding machines, of the GF range for vacuum and pressure conveyor pipes, and the Rapid Pro-Sense for free-fall applications.

The new Rapid Pro-Sense metal separator is the trade fair highlight. With innovative HRF (High Resolution Frequency) technology the Rapid Pro-Sense provides an extremely high scanning sensitivity for all metals. The metal separator is specifically designed for the requirements of plastics and compound producers, but can be used for all applications that require high metal detection performance. The system features a modular design. The reject unit can be chosen to match the conveyed material or to suit special customer demands. For example, there are various cleaning and auto-clean features, and specific versions for clearly improved wear protection.

S+S also presents metal separators of the Protector series. They are installed directly on the material inlet of injection-moulding machines and separate metal particles from the slowly descending material column. They also reliably separate metals from free-falling granulate during first filling and refilling. Christian Stadler, Product Manager of the S+S Business Unit Plastics, emphasises: “S+S metal separators provide maximum machine protection and among other things prevent screw crashes, choked nozzles, and mould damage. Metal separators of the Protector range prevent machine downtimes and thus increase efficiency in plastics processing.” Magnet separators that in plastics production and processing mainly are used for pre-separation in cases of higher contaminations with ferrous metals also are presented at the trade fair. Magnet separators that are installed upstream of inductive metal separators sort out ferrous metals and thus relieve the load on inductive separation. Pre-separation offers the advantage of a reduced loss of good material. Since the subject of “Sorting of secondary plastics” still is highly topical and S+S plays a leading role in this field with technologies e.g. for the sorting of colours and plastic types, S+S experts will be available to answer questions on 14 and 15 October 2014.

S+S – an overview

German S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH manufactures machines and systems for the detection/separation of contaminants, for product inspection, and for the sorting of material flows. Product sales primarily focus on the food, plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical, and recycling industries. S+S is one of the world’s leading suppliers with subsidiaries in Great Britain, France, Italy, China, Singapore, India, in the USA, and worldwide over 40 agencies.



The Rapid Pro-Sense metal separator features an extremely high scanning sensitivity. For example, the Rapid Pro-Sense 080 type detects ferrous and non-ferrous metal particles starting from a diameter of 0.4 millimetres, 0.6 millimetres for V2A – Photos: S+S