Resounding Success

Launched one year ago, the new range of Reflex mobile shear balers is well received in the recycling industry. French manfacturer Copex states them as “a resounding success”. 

Available in cutting force of 500, 650 and 900 tonnes, Copex has just delivered a Reflex 900 t to Metallo-Chimique. Based in Beerse, the Belgian Group specialized in multi-metal recycling and refining of non-ferrous chose the mobile version for its sturdiness and innovation. “For Metallo-Chimique, the decisive factor was the mobility of the machine because they had to move a lot on their own site to get closer to their various stock of materials,” explains Nicolas Bourbey, sales manager at Copex. As they planned to move the machine daily, the customer asked the French constructor to design and manufacture full wheel protections to protect the road part of the machine, and especially the tyres.

Reliable and low maintenance

Treating a big variety of metals and complex secondary raw materials and refining them into new metal products for the metal consuming industry, Metallo-Chimique always put their faith on the best available technologies to confirm their leading position in the recycling of metal and metals compounds. “That is exactly the reason why they chose a Reflex mobile shear baler,” says Bourbey. Metallo-Chimique was convinced that the innovative guiding of the slide-block, coming from the heavy scrap shears manufactured by Copex, was the best for them. Through the ideally balanced distribution of the cutting strains, the reliability of the shear frame has considerably increased. Copex is the only manufacturer using this technology on a range of mobile shear balers. The Reflex is perfectly suitable for the processing of the products treated by Metallo-Chimique: “There are thin products which are not difficult to cut, but which can get stuck between cutting blades and create high strains,” precises Bourbey. On the machine, the treatment of those products is durably of highest quality and repeated maintenance operations can be avoided. Reflex shear balers can be delivered in a mobile and a semi-mobile version. Nicolas Bourbey: “In mobile configuration, the scrap shears are supplied with three, four or six road axles depending on the model.” The Reflex range also exists in  a semi-mobile version, equipped with hydraulic legs allowing fast and easy loading of the machine onto a low loader.

Photo: Copex