Debris Roll Screen

At last Ecomondo trade fair, BHS Europe, Nihot Recycling Technology and NRT showcased the companies’ integrated recycling solutions.

Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) presented a Debris Roll Screen (DRS) Demo Unit. The system features a “Tri-Disc” screen. Accurate sizing of the fine fraction is secured due to the in line disc configuration. The Tri-Disc in-line design creates rectangular openings, while the triangular shape provides superior material agitation – this leads to precise separation in a revaitvely smaller footprint. Disc shape and timing prevents jams and minimizes wrapping. The DRS demo unit as seen at the Ecomondo trade fair has opening of 40 milli­meter. Depending on the nature of the input material it can secure a fine tuned screening operation due to variable speed drives on each independent screen section. BHS Europe makes this innovative screening technology available for its customers by means of a plug and play demo unit type DRS 50/9/9. The DRS demo unit is built on a skid and can travel to customer sites for onsite screening of many different waste input materials. BHS Europe has a fully operational demo unit that is used to demonstrate the unit’s precise separation efficiency and value.

Photo: BHS Europe