„Developing Solutions for Greener Tomorrow“

The ‘Save the Planet’ Exhibition and Conference 2015 from 11 to 13 March in Sofia will open new opportunities in the waste management sector in South-East Europe. One of the exhibitors is Helector S.A., the waste management arm of the Ellactor Group: Dimitrios Grammatas, Head of Helector Construction Department, in an interview about the company-intentions.

Mr. Grammatas, your slogan is “Developing Solutions for Greener Tomorrow“. Which are Helector’s activities in waste management field?

Main services are focused on construction, technology provision (know-how), operation and investments, while main applications are closely affiliated with recycling, waste treatment, waste to energy production and disposal. We are developing solutions in compliance with the European Waste Hierarchy using environmental friendly technologies and patents through our German subsidiaries aiming at waste prevention and minimization, reuse, recycling, energy recovery and lastly waste disposal. Via the biological waste treatment with the use of advanced technologies such as Herhof GmbH and Loock Biogas, Helector produces SRF, compost and biogas, namely energy from waste.

Can you give some figures?

The experience of Helector so far includes nine mechanical biological treatment plants with cumulative capacity of approximately 1.3 million tonnes, 15 anaerobic digestion plants with a cumulative capacity of almost 213.000 tonnes and seven mechanical biological treatment plants under construction. According to 2012 data, implemented projects regarding landfilling, energy from waste production, composting, sorting and recycling are represented by an annual energy production of more than 220,000 Megawatt per hour, an annual recovery of 45,000 tonnes of recyclable material and an annual production of 200,000 tonnes of secondary fuel (SRF, RDF).

What projects are you currently working on in South-East Europe?

Helector is active in Germany, the market with the strictest environmental requirements, and constitutes an undisputable leader in Greece and Cyprus. Furthermore, its corporate strategy includes further expansion in foreign markets. Our company is currently constructing two mechanical biological treatment plants in Croatia with a total capacity of 190,000 tonnes per annum. The company holds signed contracts in Russian Federation – St. Petersburg is the first waste management plant under a PPP scheme with a capacity of 350,000 kilotonnes per year –, a landfill rehabilitation & biogas exploitation project in Jordan and Turkey, while at the same time it has presence and bids for projects in Slovenia, Bulgaria and Lithuania. It has to be noted that at the moment Helector’s total backlog exceeds Euro 200 million. Through its operations, Helector treats over 600,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste annually, while it undertakes the operation of landfill facilities with annual incoming capacity of two million tonnes of municipal solid waste annually. Hence, we are serving the waste management needs of more than 5.5 million people.

Your company will participate for the first time at ‘Save the Planet’. What are your goals and emphases during your participation?

The main goals during our participation are to emphasize: Helector´s vast experience in the field of waste management throughout its international presence and diversified operations with projects in Germany, Croatia, Russia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Jordan, etc; our independence from third parties in terms of an integrated waste management process which enables to offer customized solutions according to the client’s requirements, the needs of the case region and also the composition of waste to be treated; our know-how as well as the high qualification standards of our employees which are a critical prerequisite in the waste management sector; on seeking to build long lasting partnerships with local authorities and solid waste management organizations.

Mr. Grammatas, thank you very much for sharing your insights!


Source/Photo: Via Expo