Copper Content Holds the Key

Although its total steel scrap imports were lower in 2013 than in 2012, Turkey increased its overseas purchases of shredded material, the latest BIR Shredder Committee meeting was informed by Abdullah Hosdir, Deputy Manager of Foreign Procurement at local steelmaker IÇDAS. Turkey’s overall consumption of steel scrap fell more than six per cent last year […]

“Our industry is not well understood”

“Margins for the scrap that merchants are handling through their processing yards continue to be compressed,” the latest meeting of the BIR Non-Ferrous Metals Division was told by its President, Robert Stein of Alter Trading in the USA. “Prices being paid don’t allow the merchants to replace what they sell at acceptable margins.” The “incredible” […]

Recycling Industry Cautiously Optimistic about Business Prospects

Review: BIR World Recycling Convention & Exhibition in Miami (June 1-4, 2014). (Photo: Andrea Damm  / The Convention in Miami had attracted more than 1,200 participants from 63 countries. “A great achievement given the still very difficult market conditions,” BIR President Björn Grufman of Sweden-based Metallvärden AB told the recycling organization’s General Assembly. The […]

Chemical Color Imaging: Hyperspectral Camera to Detect Unwanted Materials

Wood recycling is an established industry. While in the last years metal parts were typically separated, the focus is now changing to get any non-wood parts out of the material stream. Especially various plastics can strongly influence the subsequence processing of recyclable wood. By using the Chemical Color Imaging technology of Austrian company Perception Park […]

Tegro Launches Dense Media Separation Technology

“Precise split cut delivers highest quality separation of light and heavy metals.” Headed by Biagio Adragna, the former MD and Director of Engineering and Process Development at Sims Metal Management, Tegro Group has launched a turnkey Dense Media Separator (DMS) which they believe is unrivalled in the market by way of its customisable flexibility, precise […]

Filtration Technology in Industry

At IFAT trade show, BHS-Sonthofen was exhibiting candle filters from the further developed CF series for cleaning industrial waste water. They are particularly suitable for purification of industrial waste water with low solids content and reduce disposal costs to a fraction. The BHS candle filters of the CF series have been specially developed for filtration […]

“Scrap Must Remain in Europe”

EAA calls for a more ambitious waste policy. In light of the upcoming review of EU waste legislation, the European Aluminium Association (EAA) calls for higher recycling targets and a phase out of landfilling of end-use recyclable goods. The European aluminium industry would strongly support more ambitious recycling targets and a gradual phasing out of […]

Adopted Waste Inspection Criteria

In first reading, MEPs approved Bart Staes’ report on shipments of waste. FEAD, the European Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services, welcomes the revision of the “Waste Shipments Regulation” which aims to strengthen and harmonise inspection standards throughout the EU. The adopted legislative proposal requires member states to establish inspection plans and is an […]

Growing Volume of C&D Waste Boosts the Recycling Market

Frost & Sullivan: Strong support from the European Union must achieve a recycling target of 70 per cent by 2020. The growing volume of construction and demolition (C&D) waste has become a significant concern in Europe. The C&D market in the region is governed by regulations regarding waste reduction, recycling and diversion of waste material […]

Key Step in Solar Module Recycling

Italy becomes the first major PV market to implement the EU recast WEEE Directive (2012/19/EU) to ensure the correct treatment of waste of electrical and electronic equipment. (Photo: TR  / Based on the notion of “Extended Producer Responsibility”, the legislative decree number 49/2014 defines “Producers” as comprising all companies or individuals located in Italy […]