Save the Planet 2015

March 11-13, 2015, Sofia/Bulgaria South-East Europe is moving towards sustainable development and most of the countries are improving their waste management systems and infrastructure. Save the Planet is a timely event in the sector that responds to the necessity of drawing on global experience and accelerated implementation of the new solutions in the Region. The […]

E-Waste: BAN to Launch Online e-Stewards Trading Platform

The Basel Action Network (BAN) has announced to bring to market an online trading platform that will allow businesses to easily recycle used electronics with the world’s most responsible electronic waste recyclers – those certified to the e-Stewards Standard. The launch of the e-Stewards Marketplace developed in cooperation with industry leaders and Retrace, a Seattle-based […]

New Chairman for BIR Tyres & Rubber Committee

After almost two decades, Barend Ten Bruggencate of VACO in the Netherlands stepped down at the Paris meeting. BIR World President Björn Grufman hailed him as a “great servant” both to the global recycling organization and to tyre recycling. Successor as Tyres & Rubber Committee Chairman is Ruud Burlet of Rubber Resources in the Netherlands. […]

Scrap Tyre Derived Fuel Market Consumed 56 Per Cent of Generated Tyres

United States: According to the Rubber Manufacturers Association, in 2013 end-use markets consumed 95.9 per cent by weight of the scrap tyres generated in the country. As the organization states, this is a remarkable growth from ten per cent of scrap tyres consumed by markets in 1990. The total volume of scrap tyres consumed in […]

ELT Market Needs Breakthrough in Devulcanisation

The importance of driving market innovation and of pursuing end-of-waste status for products derived from end-of-life tyres (ELTs) was stressed by a succession of contributors to a “Leading Expert Talk on Tyres Recycling”, hosted by the BIR global recycling organization during its recent World Convention in Paris. Cees van Oostenrijk, Director of Dutch ELT management […]

Landfill Bans Set to Help Recycling

Olivier François of Group Galloo, Chairman of the BIR’s International Environment Council (IEC), had two items of “good news” to share with delegates at the meeting in Paris. “We can hope for good consequences for our work on recycling,” François commented. In what he described as “a convergence” of legislation, France introduced a new law […]

Studies Reveal Automotive Battery Trends and Closed-Loop Recycling

The European Association for Automotive and Industrial Batteries (Eurobat) announced the results of studies on trends in automotive batteries. These underline the particular need for the long term co-existence between all battery technologies for meeting future mobility demands. A new report also revealed that closed loop collection and recycling for automotive lead-based batteries is a […]

Ireland: 45 Per Cent WEEE Items Recycled

But for the organization WEEE Ireland this success is no reason to cheer: “The continued rise in the number of non-authorised collections and improper recycling of WEEE being carried out across the country is of huge concern to us.” (Photo:  / In 2013, the organization collected and recycled 25,651 tonnes of WEEE; this […]

Thefts of Donated Clothes are Declining

A new industry research study shows that previous estimates of the amount of clothes donations being stolen are over-stated. The report by the Textile Recycling Association shows a marked decrease in textile theft across London, with as few as 1.8 per cent of doorstep donations being stolen in the London boroughs where the investigations took […]

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Different Level of Performance and Starting Positions

The European Council held a public orientation debate on a legislative proposal amending six directives addressing the management of different types of waste. The aim of the proposal is to improve waste management in the European Union, with a view to protect the quality of the environment and ensuring prudent and rational use of natural […]