Recycling Congress 2018
Jul 26 – Jul 27 ganztägig
Recycling Congress 2018 @ Amsterdam | Nordholland | Niederlande

“Recycling Congress 2018: Amsterdam, Netherlands” is the amalgamation of new technologies in the field of recycling & waste-management to help business professionals harness the full potential of their practice. It involves the use of tools and technologies which helps to achieve a certain degree of publicity and broaden the reach of the practice and the practitioner. The conference brings a rare opportunity for all individuals of the environmental community to upgrade their know-how of the latest technologies & strategies.

Recycling Congress 2018 has been designed with twofold objectives in mind. The theme of the conference is „Recycling: Creating a Sustainable World” which covers a wide range of critically important sessions.

This Conference aims to bring the advancement in the field of Recycling, Recycling Cost benefit analysis, Environmental Impact of recycling and Recycling: Cause of Pollution Control and also lays a special emphasis at educating and informing environmental researcher, industry professionals with the latest knowledge of technologies that can be applied to counter the economic under-evaluation ecologist may face in their practice.

Amsterdam, Netherlands: The Recycling Centre. The venue of the event has been selected after much analysis to assure that the event is being held in one among the hotspots for the involved field, thus attending is anticipated to be astounding, each in quality and amount. More than 99% of all the household waste is recycled in one way or the other, so the country has gone through something of a recycling revolution in the last decades. The variability of prospective audience includes: figures of academic excellence, interested industrialists, students, exhibitors and eminent faces from the world of marketing therefore enabling the sponsors a unique chance to choose on from a pool of outstanding scopes for enlargement of their business, new project endeavour and action. Of those factors combined and variety of alternative lots of build “Recycling Congress 2018” a “must attend” conference.


World Congress and Expo on Recycling
Aug 29 – Aug 30 ganztägig
World Congress and Expo on Recycling @ Berlin | Berlin | Deutschland

Recycling congress gathers all the global leaders in recycling and relevant fields to share their research at this exclusive scientific program.

Recycling congress is aimed to identify advances in recycling which broadly covers solid waste recycling, organic waste recycling, waste water recycling, agricultural waste recycling, sustainable production and consumption patterns, life cycle analysis of recycled products, environmental issues of recycling, material flow analysis, life cycle assessment and management of resources etc.

Recycling congress is expecting members around the world and the two day conference will incite plenary sessions, keynote speeches, poster and oral presentations.

This congress gives two days of vigorous discussions on recent advancements, new strategies and new techniques for development of new materials for global requirements.


19th International Automobile Recycling Congress IARC 2019
Mrz 20 – Mrz 22 ganztägig
19th International Automobile Recycling Congress IARC 2019 @ Wien | Wien | Österreich

The 19th International Automobile Recycling Congress IARC 2019 organized by ICM AG will be held from March 20 – 22, 2019 in the Vienna Marriott Hotel in beautiful Vienna, Austria.

Over 250 delegates from industry, authorities and academia will discuss and present news and challenges of the manufacturing and end-of-life vehicle (ELV) business. The congress will bring together the various links in the ELV recycling chain such as car manufacturers, metal and plastic scrap traders, recyclers, shredder operators and policy-makers from all over the world.

Topics of the congress:
• Update on future cars and its impact on recycling
• Safety aspects of collection and recycling of electric vehicles (cars, trucks, buses, bikes)
• Benefits of the circular economy for car manufacturers and recyclers
• Country reports and updates on new laws and regulations regarding take-back quotas
• Sustainability benefits of automotive recycling
• Autonomous driving vehicles impact on car recycling
• Next generation recycling processes and equipment
• Innovations in dismantling, shredding and sorting
• How to recycle new materials used in future cars
• Recycling of lithium-ion batteries of hybrid and electric vehicles
• Reuse & refurbishment – How about data security?
• Recycling of electric and electronic components
• Spotlight: E-Mobility

A large exhibition area is integrated into the conference facilities, where vendors meet their clients. Cocktail receptions and a networking dinner create an excellent atmosphere to get in touch with business partners, colleagues and competitors.

Furthermore, the conference will offer interesting workshops and plant tours.

Call for papers: The organizers have launched a call for papers and invite interested authors to submit their proposal before September 30, 2018.