18. September 2019 – 20. September 2019 ganztägig

The 13th edition of RemTech Expo will be full of news, networking opportunities, comparisons, excellences and innovations!

RemTech Expo is enriched by moments of wide sharing of knowledge, know-how, excellence and opportunities for growth and business. The first „lighthouse“ event concerns the field of knowledge and the interpretation of the subsoil with the aim of focusing on data acquisition technologies and tools and on the interpretation of the characteristics, dynamics and risks connected to the territory. We are talking about the first edition of the General States of Geology – surveys, interpretation, monitoring.

The General States of Engineering – design, techniques, technologies, works, represent in parallel an important and unique moment of reflection regarding design, construction and maintenance of safe and sustainable works and infrastructures, from an environmental, economic and social point of view, through an integrated path, from the planning stages up to the post-operative maintenance.

The event dedicated to the industry crowns the „lighthouse“ innovation panel, with the aim of turn the spotlight on the issues related to innovative and sustainable industrial processes and plants, as well as the generation of new products, which are less impactful and more compatible with the environment, the General States of Innovative and Sustainable Industry.

The National Convention of University and Research on environmental and territorial sustainability issues will be the opportunity to direct the attention towards the recent study and research activities, the technology transfer, the innovative start-ups, the growth and funding tools and new skills, with the representation of successful cases relating to public and private sectors.

In addition, the General States of Reclamation, the National Conference of Sustainable Ports, the National Conferences of Hydrogeological Risk, Climate Change and Seismic Risk, the discussions on the issues of Circular Economy and Waste, of the Requalification and Urban Regeneration and more, parallel technical and scientific sessions, discussion tables, bilateral moments, and situations created specifically to communicate and promote the excellence of the year also through special awards.

While in the outdoor areas will be enhanced the Live demonstrations, in the pavilions of the district will continue the work of permanent tables created by the National Snpa System and RemTech Expo, 1. Reclamation and Sediments, 2. Natural Risk and Climate, 3. Circolar Economy and Waste Management, 4. Manufacturing and Innovation, 5. Re-qualification and Regeneration.

The Call for Meeting, a new tool for dialogue, will be an opportunity to create real laboratories of thought and shared strategy, while through the RemTech Expo Excellence, the procedures, the news, the technologies and the innovations of the market will be enhanced, with a detailed screening process.

Internationally, new projects have already started and very focused paths have been strengthened through the involvement of companies. These include a front row seat, the approach to the Dubai2020 expo and the project started with the Azerbaijan government with which a twinning is being defined that will facilitate the organization of the Italo-Azerbaijani summit scheduled for September in Ferrara. During the recent technological summit in New Delhi, RemTech Expo has also signed an important collaboration agreement with the Indian Confederation of Industry to promote synergistic activities and comparison tables. He finally rekindled the spotlight on the countries of North Africa, with particular reference to Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, where it recently landed to sign the collaboration.