Waste to Resources: Transforming Waste into Value

21. Oktober 2020 um 9:30 – 11:00

From clean electricity, hydrogen, plastic and fuels, technologies are pursuing commercialization to monetize our daily waste (plastic, electronic, municipal, bio-hazardous, etc) to these valuable resources. Where are we in the development in this value chain? What’s the current hurdles and opportunities ahead?

Spotlight TWO speakers:
Chemical Recycling: Transforming Plastic Waste into Virgin-Quality Plastics for the Circular Economy
Mr. Carlos Monreal, President & CEO, Plastic Energy
Using Waste as Feedstock for the Production of Low Carbon Liquid Transportation Fuels
Mr. Jeff Ovens, Managing Director – UK and Europe, Fulcrum BioEnergy

The 90 minutes webinar kicks off with technologies and applications update, then deliberation on commercialization, opportunities and challenges in the development of the value chain. The panel looks forward to an exciting interactive session, and welcomes participation, questions and comments from all. All participants can access to extended 1-to-1 networking, for up to 5 days after the webinar.

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Source: Centre for Management Technology