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HAMMEL Recyclingtechnik GmbH has been present in the fields of shredding and screening technology and recycling systems for more than 27 years and it is also a brand name for reliability, performance and quality.

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Thanks to the world-famous „HAMMEL two-shaft principle“ particularly powerful machines are developed that are easy to service and maintain. The equipment offers a decisive advantage with low wear costs and high performance. The counter-rotation shredding shafts allow a multifunctional usage in the shredding of waste wood and fresh wood, rootstocks, railway sleepers, bulky, commercial and household waste as well as in the processing of car bodies, light mixed scrap, old tires and aluminium. The world’s first mobile scrap processing plant was developed by HAMMEL and is in use around the world. This development makes it possible to use mobile machines to shred and sort mixed scrap and car bodies into separate end products and to change location without any problems.

All from a single source
The high-performance product range does not only include mobile and stationary primary crushers of the types of VB 450/650/750/850, as well as the well-known RED GIANT, the biggest HAMMEL primary shredder type VB 950, but also secondary shredders of the types NZS 700 as diesel and electric version. To supply a complete solution HAMMEL offers also sorting and separation technology. Putting together different components, the customer can acquire a complete plant perfectly adapted to his individual requirements.

Abb.: HAMMEL Recyclingtechnik GmbH

As 2 examples of popular processing plants the wood processing plant and the metal processing plant can be mentioned. The HAMMEL wood processing plant consists of a powerful slow-speed primary shredder and a high-speed secondary shredder, which works with approx. 1.300 rpm high speed rotor with cutting knives and a screen basket. The feature of the secondary shredder is the metal separation with the result of a nearly metal free end product size between 0 – 50 / 0 – 80 or 0 – 100 mm depending on the mesh size of the screen basket.

For the light metal scap application the customer use as the main components the HAMMEL shredder type VB 850 and VB 950 RED GIANT as the first step to open up the input material. An afterwards installed metal screen with vibro-finger screen elements separate the fraction 0 – 150 mm and oversize. The integrated metal drum select the ferrous material from the non-ferrous material. Both material are transported via discharge belts to the following technologies like an eddy current and sorting table to sort our enclosures and disturbing materials. The clean products can be used for further metal processing.

The “Original” HAMMEL shredders are planned and manufactured in Bad Salzungen, Germany. The latest technical results, practical experience, economic benefits as well as low-maintenance and simple operation form the basis for every HAMMEL machine.

The HAMMEL International tasks
HAMMEL has established a strong sales and service network, which enables its activities in almost every country in the world. Therefore, customer proximity is our g. Providing the right service to every customer is not just a task, it is a challenge.

Our knowledge, our wealth of experience, our constant innovations and our high level of communication with our dealers from all over the world help to address every recycling problem and to solve it optimally.

Foto: HAMMEL Recyclingtechnik GmbH